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Our Talent

We Invest In Our People and Enhance Our Culture

We seek to recruit the best and brightest talent for our investment and corporate businesses, each providing distinct opportunities for career advancement and skill development. Discover the various paths to elevate your careers at Westside.

Meet Our Talent

Our emerging talent infuses innovative strategies into every task they undertake. Meet just a few of those who are contributing to an ideas-driven culture that embraces new perspectives to solve complex problems.

Mentorship is the timeless bridge between experience and aspiration, illuminating new paths and guiding each step with wisdom and encouragement. Mentorship is our North Star that allows us to shape and empower the next generation of leaders.

Jeff Levin Principal

Full-Time Program

At Westside, we aim to attract, train, and retain top talent across all areas of the firm, including professionals and students. We promote independent thinking and initiative, offering continuous skills development, training, and mentorship to support professional growth. With our robust business platform and strong brand reputation, we provide an exceptional foundation for advancing your career.

For open positions, please email us  here.

Internship Program

Westside strives to be the employer of choice for the best talent. Our internship program offers Analysts and Associates an exceptional change to actively participate in various aspects of deals, transactions and other projects playing a pivotal role in each. Our internship program is open to student in their junior year of college, third year of university or first year of business school. Applicants can apply to multiple groups within Westside.

For open positions, please email us  here.

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