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Lucas Lacovelli

  • 1. How did you find out about Westside?

    I discovered Westside during my MBA at the University of Miami; our professor, Andrea Hueson, arranged a site tour with Jakub as part of our boot camp. Later, I interviewed with Jakub in his Brickell office and shortly thereafter began working here at 2000 Ponce.

  • 2. What are you most proud of in your time at Westside?

    I am most proud of my ability to contribute to the success of the firm in various ways, whether it is participating in the development of the RoseArts District or working on different projects such as the renovation of restaurants at 2000 Ponce or collaborating with retail leasing brokers on Edison Grand- a 327 unit high-rise multifamily property in Fort Myers, FL. I feel empowered to tackle challenges and know that I have support behind me.

  • 3. How has the mentorship at Westside been?

    Mentorship at Westside has been a fully immersive experience that has allowed me to learn about every aspect of the industry. I feel like I am able to enter my boss’s office with any questions or concerns and receive honest answers. I greatly value all the knowledge and advice I have received here at Westside. All the guidance has helped me navigate my career and consider my future.

  • 4. What is the most gratifying aspect of your role?

    The most gratifying aspect of my role is the autonomy to delve into any part of the business that intrigues me. I also greatly enjoy being on the road, whether it involves visiting our properties or touring a potential new opportunity. I appreciate the ability to get on-site and see exactly what we have been working on.

  • 5. What is your advice to someone who wants to join Westside in a similar role to yours?

    Be prepared to enter a dynamic role that will present new challenges and opportunities every day. It is important to have an entrepreneurial spirit and find a way to contribute.



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