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Westside is a private equity real estate company. We invest in underutilized real estate companies and assets, including real estate development, distressed properties, real estate operating businesses, and public-private partnerships. Our hallmark is opportunistic investing, enabling us to move between geographies, asset classes, and positions in the capital stack as risk-return dynamics evolve. To execute this strategy, Westside has developed expertise in both geographic markets and asset classes.

Our Investments

Since its start, Westside holds around $1.2 billion in assets, mainly in the Southeastern and Sunbelt United States. Additionally, the firm owns entitled land and has a construction pipeline valued at approximately $3 billion, consisting mainly of multifamily and mixed-use assets.


Founder & CEO Jakub Hejl starts Westside Capital Group. Since its founding, the company has developed a distinct position in the industry, with a broadly diversified set of investment strategies, including private equity real estate investing and real estate development.

2017 July

Acquisition of a 50-unit mid-rise multifamily property in Winter Haven, FL.

2017 August

Creation of an additional 192-unit multifamily development project of an existing building in Winter Haven, FL.

2018 April

Acquisition of an 82-unit multifamily complex in Port St. Lucie, FL.

2018 September

Acquisition of a 240-unit garden-style multifamily complex in Tampa, FL.

2019 February

Acquisition of a 176-unit garden-style multifamily complex in Jacksonville, FL.

2019 February

Creation of an additional 57-unit multifamily development project in Jacksonville, FL.

2019 September

Acquisition of a 337-unit garden-style multifamily complex in Tampa, FL.

2020 June

Acquisition of a 150-unit mixed-use property in Orlando, FL.

2021 March

Acquisition of a 920-unit garden-style multifamily complex in Hoover – Birmingham, AL.

2021 March

Acquisition of a 140-unit garden-style multifamily complex in Hoover – Birmingham, AL.

2021 August

Acquisition of a 265-unit high-rise multifamily property in Fort Myers, FL.

2021 August

Assemblage of various waterfront parcels in Fort Myers with development potential of up to 1,000 multifamily units.

2021 September

Acquisition of a 327-unit high-rise multifamily property in Fort Myers, FL.

2021 September

Creation of an additional 240-unit multifamily high-rise development project as an expansion of an existing building in Fort Myers, FL.

2021 December

Assemblage of various development parcels totaling 128 acres intended for a mixed-use development of 5,650 multifamily units and 350,000 SF of commercial space in Orlando, FL.

2022 March

Acquisition of an office building with ground-floor retail located in Coral Gables, FL.

2022 July

Acquisition of a 623-unit high-rise multifamily property in Atlanta, GA.


Westside business is undergoing streamlining into specialized companies organized by product type and strategy.


Focus on strategic large scale real estate developments and acquisitions of significant real estate companies.

Meet Our Executive Team

  • Jakub Hejl

    Jakub Hejl

  • Jeff Levin

    Jeff Levin

  • George Corton

    George Corton

    Managing Principal
  • Eric Reisman

    Eric Reisman

    General Counsel | Principal
  • Carrie Schramek

    Carrie Schramek

    Vice President of Finance

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