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Our Investments

We Invest in Tomorrow’s
Opportunities, Today

Focused on shaping a more sustainable tomorrow, Westside invests in the real estate opportunities of today. By forging real estate development opportunities and undervalued real estate assets, we unlock potential and revitalize communities. We do so in private markets and through public private partnerships.

Our Investments

  • Real Estate

    Westside invests in prime land to redevelop urban areas in the Southeastern and Sunbelt regions. Our strong track record yields excellent returns and builds solid partnerships with capital sources. We own and manage various assets, including residential communities, mixed-use projects, and commercial developments. A notable recent project is the RoseArts District in Orlando, FL, featuring nearly 6,000 residential units and 350,000 square feet of commercial space, making it one of the nation’s largest opportunity zone developments.

  • Distressed Properties

    Westside specializes in acquiring distressed mixed-use and multifamily properties through UCC foreclosures, deed in lieu purchases, and other distressed scenarios. We strategically capitalize on these opportunities, implementing repositioning strategies to unlock their potential for future growth. Our portfolio also encompasses investments in real estate corporations and operating companies, with a focus on leveraging public-private arbitrage opportunities within the industry.

  • Real Estate
    Operating Businesses

    Westside aims to maximize returns by partnering with promising ventures in the real estate sector. Through strategic investments and hands-on management, we unlock the full potential of each business, whether in property management, construction, construction management, development, hospitality, or other real estate-related services.

  • Public Private Partnerships

    Public entities and nonprofits nationwide aim to repurpose underutilized assets to drive economic growth and reduce operating expenses. Westside partners with these organizations at all levels of government to redevelop underutilized properties, accessing unique investment opportunities aligned with its goals and positive social impact. Through these collaborations, Westside leverages its real estate expertise to diversify its portfolio and enhance its investment strategy, contributing to resolving public infrastructure challenges and stimulating job growth.

Our Approach

Smart Investing
for Stable Returns

In an industry characterized by ever-changing market dynamics and unforeseen obstacles, Westside aims for strong, consistent returns while prioritizing capital preservation. By conducting thorough risk analysis, we selectively invest in assets with high potential returns. Our investment philosophy is shaped by common sense, discipline, and informed market research and insights.

  • 01

    Diversified Portfolios

    We manage our capital by diversifying exposures across risk profiles, geographic regions, asset classes, and positions in the capital structure.

  • 02

    Hand’s on Asset Management

    We obtain undermanaged or undercapitalized assets for stabilization, refurbishment and/or development. Execute dynamic asset management plans to optimize each investment for sale at the maximum price.

  • 03

    Forecast Capital Flows

    We aim to anticipate capital shifts in regions where projected economic growth will fuel tenant demand, but new supply hasn't emerged.

  • 04

    Buy Below Replacement Cost

    We acquire assets at favorable prices which have previously lacked capital, attention, or effective management. Purchasing below replacement cost provides a safety margin, postponing new construction or competition.

  • 05

    Ownership Mentality

    Westside is entirely owned by senior officers who oversee all strategic, ownership, and day-to-day operational matters. We believe this ownership structure results in a distinct and valuable alignment of interest between Westside and our clients and seeks to surpass our clients' investment goals.

Our impact

ESG Excellence: Integrating Principles into Operations.