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Jacob Palecki

  • What was yours first day like at Westside?

    My first day at Westside was genuinely welcoming, immediately immersing me in the company’s culture of professionalism and mutual support. The day was structured to introduce me to everyone on the team, allowing me to become familiar with our wide-ranging projects and how they contribute to the company‚Äôs strategic objectives. Meeting with the leadership team and my peers was a highlight, laying the groundwork for what has become a cooperative and enriching working relationship.

  • What brought you to Westisde?

    My decision to join Westside was driven by the company’s distinguished reputation and its approach to business. I was drawn to the quality of the team, noted for their expertise and collaborative work ethic, as well as the company’s consistent performance in securing and managing impactful projects. The opportunity to contribute to a company that values innovation and actively supports personal and professional growth was the deciding factor in my choice to start my journey with Westside.

  • How have you grown since you first started the firm?

    Since starting at Westside, I’ve seen significant growth in my professional skills and understanding of the industry. I’ve become more skilled in sourcing, analyzing, and presenting investment opportunities and building an institutional real estate portfolio. Equally, I’ve developed stronger relationships both within the company and with external partners. This rounded development has not only made me a more effective contributor to our projects but also deepened my appreciation for the complexities of our work.

  • How has the mentorship at Westside been?

    The mentorship program at Westside has profoundly impacted my professional journey. From the outset, I was welcomed and guided by experienced leaders who invested in my development. This support has allowed me to explore all aspects of our operations, participate in key decision-making processes, and continuously broaden my industry knowledge. Learning from accomplished professionals and contributing to significant initiatives has been crucial in building my confidence and shaping my career aspirations.

  • What is your advice to someone who wants to join Westside in a similar role to yours?

    For those looking to join Westside, I recommend a proactive and engaged approach to your career development. Focus on mastering your role, understand the finer points of our business, and aim to make a positive impact on the team. Maintain a curious mindset, be eager to dive into new challenges, and don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek learning opportunities. Approaching each day with attention to detail and a commitment to excellence will open many doors and enable you to make the most of what Westside has to offer.


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