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The Strength of a Network: University of Miami Relationships Drive Success

From left to right: Westside employees Lucas Lacovelli, analyst (M.B.A candidate '22); George Corton, managing principal; Jeff Levin '17, principal; and Jakub Hejl '12, president and founder. Updated 4.17.2024

Walking through the Westside office in Coral Gables, one can't help but notice a strong presence of University of Miami alumni. This phenomenon speaks volumes about the university's influence and the importance of networking in the professional world.

Jakub Hejl’s time at the University of Miami’s Herbert Business School was not only valuable for his education but also for the connections he made. Through a simple introduction in 2009, he met David Luski, a key figure in real estate, which led to his first internship and eventual full-time job at DRA Advisors in New York City. Hejl emphasizes the faculty’s crucial role in providing opportunities and essential tools for success. Barbara Kahn, former dean of Miami Herbert, expanded Hejl’s network through advisory councils and mentorship programs, connecting students with influential alumni and insights into the professional world.

Hejl’s story emphasizes the importance of proactive engagement and seizing opportunities. He encourages current and future students to participate in extracurricular activities and seek mentorship to enrich their educational experience.

In 2016, Hejl founded Westside Capital Group at the age of 26, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and skills honed at Miami Herbert. The company’s success is attributed not only to Hejl’s vision but also to the strategic recruitment of University of Miami alumni like Jeff Levin and Lucas Iacovelli, and most recently, Jacob Palecki, who have contributed to its growth.

Westside Capital Group’s story ultimately illustrates the symbiotic relationship between education, networking, and professional success. It underscores the University of Miami’s transformative impact and the enduring power of strong alumni networks.

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