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George Corton Boosts FIU CasaCuba Initiative

Plans are underway at Florida International University (FIU) to build a vibrant cultural hub named CasaCuba on FIU’s campus. The new facility is envisioned as a physical gathering place where all can come to celebrate the Cuban heritage.

CasaCuba aims to attract the brightest minds from around the world to discuss issues related to Cuba’s past, present, and future. Recently, this project received a notable endorsement with the appointment of George Corton, the managing principal of Westside, as the vice-chair of FIU CasaCuba.

George Corton’s commitment to preserving and promoting Cuban culture is well-known within Westside’s offices. His loyalty extends to his alma mater, community, and Cuban heritage.

“As one of the founders of FIU CasaCuba, George’s vision for the project has always been bold and ambitious,” remarks Lili Betancourt Space, Executive Director of FIU CasaCuba. “His leadership has played a pivotal role in advancing plans to bring this vision to life.”

With George Corton at the helm, CasaCuba is poised to emerge as the premier global center for Cuban and Cuban-American affairs. It is envisioned as a hub for information, engagement, and understanding. It offers a platform for Cuban Americans in Miami and beyond to share their stories and foster a deeper comprehension of Cuba’s past, present, and future.

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