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Investment Firm

We deliver downside protected, superior risk adjusted profitability by carefully handpicking each investment. We implement disciplined value-added programs. We focus on select investment platforms to create economies of scale, operating expertise, and exit optionality.

Westside Capital Group

Inside Jakub Hejl's office from Westside Capital Group

Putting Capital to Work

Westside practices an investment philosophy that’s defensive yet responsive to changing market dynamics. Our investment decisions are guided by three key elements – preservation of capital, downside protection and stability of cash flows. As a result, we target investments that offer both competitive returns and the potential for value appreciation.

Our ultimate goal is to help our stakeholders achieve long-term profitability that is resilient in any economic cycle. We achieve this by building mutually rewarding, long-term relationships within the real estate community, with everyone who is invested in or affected by our work.

We understand that integrity, discipline, and trustworthiness are critical to our growth and success. So, we place the interests of our financial partners before our own, and we utilize our investment program to improve the communities people live in.

Our Approach


We identify two types of investments: high-quality, income-producing assets at discounts to replacement cost or corporate investments at discounts to their intrinsic value and with existing cash flows.


We increase value through aggressive asset management and by positioning investments along the value chain.


We make sure assets are secure. Then, we recapitalize the investments and integrate them alongside our other investment holdings. Or, in select cases, we sell the assets.

Investment Philosophy

At Westside, we acquire high quality cash-flowing assets at discounts to replacement cost. We enact this strategy by capitalizing on inefficiencies in real estate markets. These inefficiencies include everything from off-market situations to complex acquisitions that require extensive capital markets knowledge.

Our approach to real estate investment generally creates immediate value, but we’re also focused on long-term gains. So, we use our asset management expertise in both real estate operations and capital market dynamics to drive our business. And, we employ a variety of value-enhancement strategies to improve the investment value of our holdings, including targeted capital improvements, aggressive leasing and operational plans and opportunistic sale or recapitalization of assets, to name a few.

Westside also achieves value enhancement by focusing on investment activity within select investment themes. These themes are related to specific geographical markets and real estate asset classes. Once these markets and asset classes are chosen, we create fully-integrated platforms within them. Then, the resulting economies of scale, operating expertise and exit optionality drive up the value. Furthermore, we use relevant macroeconomic data and market intelligence to inform every decision we make.

Jakub Hejl President & Founder of Westside Capital Group on his investment philosophy for the real estate private equity division