At Westside, we focus on people, relationships and credibility. We care about our reputation in the marketplace. We cherish discipline and make responsible decisions as humans, professionals and investors.


Who We Are

Westside is a diversified real estate investment holding firm with a proven track record in real estate private equity investments, construction & development management and venture capital investments. We focus on defensive, value-added investing in traditional real estate asset classes, value focused cost-adjusted construction management and early stage venture capital investing in businesses strategically positioned along the real estate value chain.

We acquire cash-flowing properties at discounts to replacement costs. We improve them through hands-on management and targeted capital initiatives. Our efforts seek to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for the company across cycles and over the long term. Westsides' real estate portfolio allocations within asset classes, capital structures and markets shift based on macro-economic considerations.

Founded with love for real estate and passion for building communities that surround us, Westside has industry expertise and entrepreneurial spirit at heart. Our construction & development business prides itself on maximized cost-adjusted value creation. Our venture capital business shapes the communities we live in through early stage investments in real estate related technological start-ups.

Competitive Edge

We encourage independence of thought, creative ideas and an entrepreneurial attitude. At Westside, we always question conventional wisdom. We look to replace convention with innovation. Because of the strategic focus that the firm maintains, we create value where others don’t.

Westside has broad real estate operating experience, with asset and construction management organized into dedicated teams by specialty. Continuous market research and gathered information intelligence drive our decisions. We create consolidated platforms to enhance operational efficiencies and maximize the value of underlying assets within our portfolio. We evaluate our investment holdings in the context of public and private capital markets and all value creation opportunities arising thereof.

We are passionate about real estate as an asset class, and all Westside’s business platforms enhance the environments we live in. We create value for properties that anchor communities and create good jobs. We strive for perfection driven by the excitement for what we do. We understand the impact our work has on all the stakeholders involved in our businesses.

Our Core Values


Teamwork is at the center of our operation and the catalyst for competitive advantage. Together, we tackle each of our projects with a customized approach that reflects the ambitious performance standards our stakeholders expect.


We conduct ourselves with integrity in everything we do. Our reputation — as the nation’s leading real estate firm — is paramount. As a learning organization, we are self-critical — acknowledging our mistakes and always trying to learn from them.


We use accountability and measurement as our north star – demanding the best of ourselves and the firm as a whole. Our positions are fueled by unmatched qualitative and quantitative analysis giving ourselves firmer footing to take a stand in any phase of negotiation.


We challenge convention to unlock innovation: delivering bold insights, introducing new profitability frameworks, and remaining skeptical of “the way things are done”. With the credibility of a financial enterprise and agility of a lean entrepreneurial organization, we leverage big ideas in small timelines.