the firm

Westside is a real estate investment firm

Who We Are

Westside is a real estate investment holding firm focused on creating long-term value by integrating direct asset and corporate investments along the real estate value chain.

We seek to acquire high quality properties at discounts to replacement cost. We improve them through hands-on management and targeted value-add initiatives. Our efforts seek to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors across cycles and over the long term. Westsides' real estate portfolio includes multi-family, hospitality and other commercial assets.

Founded in 2016, Westside has industry expertise and entrepreneurial spirit at heart.

Our Approach
We identify high-quality, income-producing assets at discounts to replacement cost or make corporate investments at discounts to their intrinsic value.
We increase the value by proactively tackling any physical or operating issues through aggressive asset management and position the investments along the value chain.
Once assets are secure we recapitalize the investments and integrate them alongside with our other investment holdings or, in selected cases, we sell the assets.

"We deliver downside protected, superior risk adjusted profitability by carefully handpicking each investment, implementing disciplined value added initiatives and considering all relevant macro-economic trends."

Jakub Hejl
Founding Partner
Our Core Values
Teamwork is at the center of our operation and the catalyst for competitive advantage. Together, we tackle each of our investment opportunities with a customized approach that reflects the ambitious performance standards our constituents expect.
We conduct ourselves with integrity in everything we do. Our reputation — as a premier real estate investment management firm — is paramount. As a learning organization, we are self-critical — acknowledging our mistakes and always trying to learn from them.
We use accountability and measurement as our north star - demanding the best of ourselves and the firm as a whole. Our positions are fueled by unmatched qualitative and quantitative analysis giving ourselves firmer footing to take a stand in any phase of negotiation.
We challenge convention to unlock innovation: delivering bold insights, introducing new profitability frameworks, and remaining skeptical of “the way things are done.” With the credibility of a financial enterprise and agility of a lean startup, we leverage big ideas in small timelines.