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Venture Capital

At Westside’s venture capital division, we are committed to helping early stage entrepreneurs with capital and infrastructure.  We work with big thinkers to bring their bold ideas to life.

More specifically, we focus on businesses that complement the real estate value chain, covering a variety of industries from cable companies to valve startups.  And, we accelerate their ideas by leveraging our real estate portfolio and industry relationships for proof of concept or to facilitate immediate growth.

As venture capitalists, our job is to magnify the creative power of entrepreneurs through relationships, education and resources. So, we aren’t afraid to be the lead investor and write the first large check a company ever receives.  Furthermore, we embrace the responsibility and bring growth and strategic direction to young startups. 

Our Approach


We find cutting edge businesses that complement the real estate value chain, and we challenge convention to unlock innovation.


We form meaningful relationships with startups, in which we provide venture capital and facilitate business development using our expertise and network of partners.


Once a startup grows, we position the business alongside our other investment holdings to facilitate further capital funding. In some cases, we exit our investment.

Companies We Invest In

We believe the ways people live, work and play are influenced by the tools that are available to them.  Thus, we like to invest in technology-related startups that make everyday life better and cheaper.

On one hand, the businesses we invest in directly benefit from our existing real estate holdings.  We focus on interdependent alignments within our investment portfolio.  But we also assess how a business increases quality of life and decreases cost burdens. As a result, our interests lead us to a diverse array of investment opportunities, including everything from media companies and utility businesses all the way to real estate-related cryptocurrency startups.

Our ultimate goal is twofold – to use our investment capital to facilitate growth in new businesses and use our real estate portfolio as leverage to grow our business.  We achieve this by supporting the creation of new business ideas that give others an easier life.

Technology start-up looking to get funding. Venture . Capital Investments.