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What We Do

Westside’s construction management division specializes in cutting edge real estate projects and innovative building solutions. We provide an unmatched level of transparency, problem solving and utility creation. The result? We exceed the competition with the most optimized approach to development and projects that maintain value longer.

We have expertise in complex ground-up construction and a deep track record in cost-constrained restoration work on existing apartment and residential condominium properties.  Also, we’re consistently focused on the latest building trends. Thus, we understand the challenges of major construction projects and how they impact owners, residents and stakeholders.

This is why we maintain regular communication with all constituents.  With every project, we proactively tackle any threats, and we create intelligent solutions that save costs and create utility.  We’re committed to exceeding expectations at every angle. 

Westside focuses on long-term relationships and personal trust. We pride ourselves on maximized cost-adjusted value creation in the construction management space.  We focus on delivering the best possible product on time and on budget.

Westside Capital Group


At Westside, we’re committed to sustainable building practices that minimize environmental impacts on our communities. Thus, our projects improve energy efficiency, reduce water demand, promote recycling and enhance indoor air quality.

As a construction management firm, however, we recognize that owners shouldn’t have to sacrifice efficiency and economic feasibility for sustainable practices.  Consequently, we utilize building strategies that are both environmentally mindful and financially sensitive.

Also, we firmly believe that an environmentally cautious approach to construction enhances the long-term value of our projects. We care about the environment we live in, and we want our projects to not only withstand the test of time but also make a positive impact along the way.

Build Safe. Build Smart.

We see safety as a matter of conviction.

For Westside, safety is a business task, a social responsibility, and a factor of success.

Construction team looking at the progress of the building being developed

We understand that safety comes first. Though our ultimate objective is to engage in real estate development that’s sustainable and economically feasible, we know that the safety of everyone involved takes priority.

Therefore, Westside is committed to meeting all safety laws and regulations for every project.  We’ll never endanger the lives of laborers, contractors, residents, owners or any stakeholders by bypassing necessary certifications or licensing.  

We know that building smart isn’t just about finding the right opportunities.  It’s about creating safe construction environments and sound structures that become long-lasting projects with appreciating value.