Lasting profitability &
reliable relationships

Shareholders & Management

Westside is a privately held company founded and managed by Jakub Hejl. All key management team members are principals with vested interest in the firm’s profitability. Consequently, we firmly believe in team wins and team losses.

Our management process follows the firm’s fundamental principles – lasting profitability and rewarding relationships. Most importantly, we care about the long-term success of our business, and our decisions foster downside-protected, cycle-resilient growth.

Additionally, we always ensure the interests and incentives of our shareholders and management team are aligned with those of our financial partners and all professional community members who interact with our businesses.

Thus, when we do well, our stakeholders do well.

Our People

Business Partners

We take on bigger challenges because of our fruitful business partnerships.


Our employees make Westside the firm it is. They’re the key to our success.


Our customers, tenants and end-users motivate everything we do.

Service Providers

Our consultants and third-party vendors provide specialty expertise that’s necessary for us to thrive.

Financial Partners

Westside’s growth is largely driven by access to capital. Thus, our track record and performance have helped us build and nurture strategic, long-term relationships with a diverse group of financial partners, ranging from senior lenders to limited partners.

Furthermore, we use judicious leverage to advance our portfolio.  We treasure our existing debt relationships, which include balance sheet lenders, insurance companies, CMBS providers, specialty debt providers, debt funds and other alternative credit sources.  And, we also tend to enter more than one deal with each lending institution as one good deal usually results in another.

Lastly, when we grow our business, we rely on our balance sheet.  So, we maintain significant cash equity resources so that we never fall behind on executing our business plans or seizing new opportunities.

And all along the way, we practice the utmost transparency and fairness.